Red Express Pallet Company, located at 7314 Bagby Road in Waco, has grown to become the largest pallet recycler in the area.  Red Express Pallet Company has been serving the Central Texas Area for more than fifteen years with both new and recycled wooden pallets.

"Our company is committed to providing superior customer service while maintaining the overall consistency and quality that our customers have come to expect," says Michael S. Janczak, owner of Red Express Pallet Company.

Red Express Pallet Company completed the expansion of its recycling equipment to further increase the capacity in dismantling used pallets and reclaiming usable lumber.  "Our customers recognize that purchasing a used or recycled pallet not only will save them money when compared to the cost of a new pallet, but makes environmental sense as well," said Janczak.

A company that receives a quantity of pallets and has currently been paying for landfill disposal should consider the Red Express Pallet Recycle Program.  Essentially, the company can drop-of the unwanted pallets at our facility, or they can contact us so we can work out a pick-up plan. 

Red Express Pallet Company then either repairs the pallet or disassembles it into individual components to be used to make other sizes of recycled pallets.  Many companies require a  non-standard size pallet;  thus they are compelled to purchase new pallets due to lack of availability within the used market.  We offer an alternative, lower cost option to assembling the pallet using either a combination of new and used material or 100% recycled components.

Red Express Pallet Company inventories a large selection of pallets, both new and used, and maintains its own fleet of delivery vehicles.  Red Express Pallet Company will deliver as few as 10 pallets or up to multiple truckload quantities via flatbed or van trailer. 

"We treat every customer as if they were our only customer," said Janczak.

For more information about the products or services that Red Express Pallet offers, call 254.666.3576
or e-mail Michael Janczak at: mjanczak@redexpresspallet.com.




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